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ZEOspur 2 is designed to reduce the amount of zooxanthellae in acropora, anacropora and montipora coral tissue to bring out brilliant coloration. The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers brings out the colors from deeper within the coral. ZEOspur 2 will have the fastest and most dramatic impact on coloration and your whole system. Optimizing your dose for your tank is critical to maintain overall health of the system.


Recommended dosing schedule is every 14 to 21 days. It is important to apply the full dose all at once or the changes will be negligible. When starting out KZ recommends starting at half the suggested dose and increasing the amount dosed over time by 10% to find the ideal dose for your tank. Please be aware that it is possible to reduce the production of zooxanthellae so much that the coral will not get enough energy via photosynthesis. While it is possible for a coral to survive this way for a significant amount of time overdosing should be avoided.


Maximum dosage is 1 mL per 25 gallons, every 7-10 days – net water volume.
Do not exceed recommended amount – over dosing will induce bleaching
Do not use on newly acclimated corals
Do not use in new systems
Only use with healthy corals

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