Calculator - Ultraquatix

DISCLAIMER- Do not alter the parameters more than necessary in a single dose. Spread the doses out over a few days to reduce large parameter discrepancies.This calculator is specifically designed to be used for Ultraquatix products only. The amount of product to be added as provided below is accurate based on the values entered for your existing and desired element levels, the tank volume and product selected. Please note that Ultraquatix cannot guarantee the accuracy of values you specify below for your tank’s water volume or existing element levels.Whether this was tested via ICP test, individual off the shelf test kits, or any other method for that matter, Ultraquatix is not responsible for such tank specific data  entered by an individual. Ultraquatix takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the existing element levels or any recommendations made either by yourself or any third parties on the desired element levels in your tank. Ultraquatix also takes no responsibility for any issues, problems or loss of tank contents that may be attributable to dosing as a result of using this calculator below based on any erroneous tank specific data entered .