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Ocean Prime Copepods are harvested in clean, unpolluted Arctic waters, with eco-friendly harvesting methods. The preservation technique involves no harmful additives which makes the nutritional quality far better compared to frozen feed. Ocean Prime Copepods are 100% clean. Needs no pre-rinsing before use. The product is sterilized for bio-security, minimizing nutrient leakage. As long as the bottle is closed, you can store the copepods at room temperature. Once opened, you must treat the contents as a fresh product. Only use clean tools (e.g. a spoon) and try to avoid cross-contamination. Do not dip the pipette in (aquarium) water. Work hygienic ! Close the bottle directly after use to keep bacteria and oxygen out. Store in freezer for max. 6 months or in refrigerator for max. 3 months after opening. Ocean Prime Copepods Liquid stays liquid when frozen. Feed only as much as your aquarium will consume in 3-5min

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