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Biological filtration is the number one key to a nice and stable reef tank, and anytime wecan sneak in some Marine Pure Biomedia into an All in one tank, sump, or even overflows we will. We have run density tests and they have proved to be more porous than any live rock we could find. They are a great base for sponge growth, microfauna, and even coral frags.


Marine Pure is an inert ceramic material with open flow architecture, extremely high surface area and natural wetting properties. A Single 1½” Marine Pure ceramic sphere has 240 square feet of surface area. This means you can fit almost 20 times the surface area in the same space verses bioballs.


The media’s composition is similar to natural rock formations. Marine Pure provides approximately 150,000 sq. Ft per cu. Ft (510 m2/L) of accessible surface area. The properties of Marine Pure create a stable home for a dense population of beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia and nitrites from your aquarium. Some systems will also see a decrease in nitrates. Marine Pure will work in sumps, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, hang on the back filters or directly in the tank.


· 100% Tank Tested

· Most technically advanced bio-filtration substrate

· High usable surface area for beneficial bacteria growth

· Open porosity means maximum bacteria exposure to contaminates and promotes excellent water circulation and less clogging

· Designed specifically to target ammonia and nitrite removal and minimizes nitrates

· Inert and chemically stable

· Greater than 80% open porosity

· Provides consistent water chemistry

· Reduces tank maintenance

· Able to support large fish loads

· Can be cleaned, reused and sterilized


Compare Marine Pure Products

Surface area

1½” Marine pure Sphere: 240 sq ft
2″ Marine pure Cube: 720 sq ft
8″x8″x1” Marine pure Block: 5,750 sq ft
8″x8″x4” Marine pure Block: 23,000 sq ft
Marine Pure Sphere Available in the following sizes

· 2 Quarts

· 1 Gallon

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