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The Jecod/Jebao MDP Wi-Fi lifting pumps with LDC display are the latest lifting pumps from the Jecod/Jebao brand….

Jecod/Jebao MDC Wi-Fi booster pumps benefits
Sine Wave controller technology provides super quiet operation
New Digital LCD Wi-Fi Controller – Speed Control Settings Between 30% -100% in 1 Watt increments
Digital display of power consumption.
Seals for input and output connections
Improved Head Pressure performance over DCP models
New closed impeller design for more quiet operation
Energy savings up to 65%
IC Electronic Detection- Automatic shutdown protection when no water
Wear-resistant ceramic shaft
Ultra quiet operation.
High performance with innovative electronic motor, and energy saving up to 65%.
IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection on no water.
With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation/life.
WIFI LCD controller + manual

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