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diffused outflow resulting in virtually no dead spots / spots…
The Jecod/Jebao MLW-10 flow pumps (sine wave) with WiFi and LCD display is the newest pump from Jecod/Jebao with a very wide diffused outflow resulting in virtually no dead spots / spots where there is no flow. These flow pumps come with a controller (External Drive Controller). The big advantage of these new pumps is that there are no electronic components in the pump, but that almost everything is in the controller. These new pumps also have sine wave technology, which results in very quiet operation. Due to these two new features, the pumps also have a longer life.

Brand new on the market
Type: Flow Pump / Wave Pump
Model: MLW-10
Mini size, strong power.
Master and slave wireless control
8 speeds
Voltage: Input: 110-240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 12V
Power: 10 W
Flow Rate: 4000 LPH
Pump size: approx. 60 x 60 mm
Suitable for glass thickness <10 mm
For Aquarium with size reference: length <80CM
3D large rotation angle to adjust the exit water direction.
Very nice WiFi controller with LCD display
In the package
1 x MLW-10 Flow Pump
1 x WiFi Controller with LCD display
1 x Power adapter made

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